Katsuura Tracking and Communication Station


Katsuura Tracking and Communication Station

The Katsuura Tracking and Communication Station was established in Katsuura, Chiba, in February, 1968 as Katsuura radiowave tracking base of the Science and Technology Agency (STA) Space Development Headquarter, and was affiliated with the National Space Development Agency in October, 1969.
The main role of this Station is to track and control satellites. After receiving telemetry from satellites, it checks their location, altitude, and instrument functions. It also sends commands to satellites as required, in order to maintain and control them.
Apart from the 13-meter and 10-meter diameter parabolic antennas, we have a tracking and control facility, a power supply facility, and the Nonozuka collimation tower (on Nonozuka Mountain).

Location :  1-14, Hanatateyama, Haga, Katsuura-shi, Chiba 299-5213
Phone :  Our telephone number has been changed lately. Please use the following new number to contact the Katsuura Tracking and Communication Station.

Main Facilities

Tracking and Control Center

Parabolic Antenna
(total of three antennas)

Tours and Exhibits
In the exhibition room, we have a scaled model of launch vehicles and satellites, PC games, and a corner to enjoy and learn about satellites.
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