Tsukuba Space Center


Tsukuba Space Center

JAXA’s Tsukuba Space Center (TKSC), located in Tsukuba Science City, opened its doors in 1972. The TKSC, which sits on a 530,000 square-meter site, with beautiful natural surroundings, is a consolidated operations facility with world-class equipment and testing facilities.
As the center of Japan’s space network, the TKSC plays an important role in the research and development of spacecraft, such as satellites and rockets, and also controls and tracks launched satellites. As part of the International Space Station project, the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) "KIBO" is developed and tested at TKSC. Astronaut training is also in progress at the center.
Tsukuba Space Center  The Space Transportation Mission Directorate, the Satellite Applications Mission Directorate I, the Human Spaceflight Mission Directorate, and part of the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science are located at the TKSC which implement latest research, development, and testing in the space field. It is a pivotal center for Japanese space development.

Location :  2-1-1 Sengen, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki 305-8505
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Phone :  +81-29-868-5000

Main Facilities

13mφSpace Chamber

(Spacecraft Integration and Test Building)
Satellites and rockets are disassembled, and their parts and systems are tested to ensure their endurance in a vacuum and in the thermal environment of space.

Kibo engineering model
Protoflight model assembly test facility

(Space Station Test Building)
Prior to the launching of the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo", the Space Station Test Building will be the site of such activities as functional testing of the various sub-elements of Kibo and overall system testing of the integrated elements, and interface testing with the International Space Station (ISS).

Tours and Exhibits
For a better understanding of the work performed there and of the subject matter of the most advanced research on space development, the TKSC offers tours of part of its facilities. We have an exhibition room where various full-scale satellite models are displayed. Please visit the Space Library to learn about space through publication, videos, and the Internet.
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