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Statement by Ambassador Goldberg, Negotiator of the Space Treaty, at the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations at the 1st session of the 90th Congress, 1967

Senator CARLSON. With respect to article IV, will you describe what is a weapon of mass destruction?
Mr. GOLDBERG. This is a weapon of comparable capability of annihilation to a nuclear weapon, bacteriological. It does not relate to a conventional weapon.
Senator CARLSON. This sounds ridiculous and wild, but I think I am correct in stating there was some thought of placing a satellite over Vietnam to keep that country lighted all night.
Mr. GOLDBERG. This would have no application.
Senator CARLSON. This would have no application to that?
Mr. GOLDBERG. No. Observation satellites, navigational satellites, those are not covered by this treaty.
Senator CARLSON. In other words, if we had done that and it could have been done, and I think it was actually considered as part of our military operation, it would not be affected?
Mr. GOLDBERG. It would not be affected by one iota by this treaty.
Senator CARLSON. That is all, Mr. Chairman. The CHAIRMAN. Anyone else? Senator Lausche.

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