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III. Determinations on the Issues

E. Terms of access by public broadcasting and other educational interests


On this issue, we adopt the staff analysis and conclusions (staff recommendation, paragraphs 153–162). In other words, we recognize that there is a well-established national policy, incorporated in legislation, which encourages and makes it lawful for common carriers to provide free or reduced rate interconnection services to public broadcasting and other educational interests. These statutes make it possible for the Commission to prescribe preferential rates for educational entities covered by such legislation, as well as for carriers to file tariffs offering free or reduced rates to such entities on their own initiative. While we will entertain specific proposals by carriers or users for the prescription of preferential rate classifications, we presently lack sufficient information to initiate any requirement as to common carriers or to enunciate any general statement of policy. However, we will expect non-carrier applicants, who have offered free access to public broadcasting, to implement the proposals made in their applications.

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