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Article 7: Use of the Space Shuttle and SL


The Government of the United States of America shall, consistent with international agreements and arrangements, make the Space Shuttle available for SL missions (experiments and applications) of the European Partners and their nationals on either a cooperative or cost-reimbursable basis.


In regard to space missions of the European Partners, the Government of the United States of America shall provide access for use of SLs developed under this cooperative programme for experiments or applications proposed for reimbursable flight by the European Partners, in preference to those of third countries considering, in recognition of the participation of the European Partners in this cooperative programme, that this will be equitable in the event of payload limitation or scheduling conflicts. Experiments or applications proposed for cooperative flight will be selected on the basis of the merit of each proposal in accordance with continuing United States policy; such proposals of the European Partners will be given preference over the proposals of third countries provided their merit is at least equal to the merit of the proposals of third countries. The European Partners will have an opportunity to express their views with respect to the judgement of merit regarding their cooperative proposals.


The commercial use of Space Shuttles and SLs will be on a non-discriminatory basis.
The establishment by the Government of the United States of America or by the European Partners of standards and conditions for the commercial use of SL units will be the subject of prior exchange of views on such standards and conditions, looking toward the maximum practicable harmonisation of the respective policies. In exceptional circumstances, should this prove impossible, the exchange of views will take place at the first opportunity thereafter.


In order to assure the integrity of operation and management by the Government of the United States of America of the Space Shuttle system, this Government shall have full control over the first SL unit, after its delivery to the Government of the United States of America, including the right to make final determination as to its use for peaceful purposes. The Government of the United States of America may make any modifications to the first SL unit it desires. However, in the case of intended major modifications, the European Partners will be given advance notification to permit the opportunity for them to express their views and to provide modification kits.


With regard to the first flight of the first SL unit, the system test objectives will be the responsibility of the Government of the United States of America. The experimental objectives of this first flight will be jointly planned on a cooperative basis. Thereafter, the cooperative use of this first SL unit by the European Partners and ESRO will be encouraged throughout its useful life, although not to the exclusion of cost reimbursable use by them. The Government of the United States of America will otherwise have unrestricted use of the first SL unit free of cost.


The Government of the United States of America will provide SL flight crew opportunities to nationals of the European Partners in connection with their space missions involving an SL. It is contemplated that a European crew member will be included in the flight crew of the first SL flight.


The results of NASA and ESRO experiments on cooperative SL missions shall be made freely available to the Parties to this Agreement, subject to any proprietary rights and to the usual priorities to be granted to individual experimenters for the purpose of advance exploitation and publication of the data obtained.


The use of Space Shuttles and SLs by European nationals may be arranged through ESRO or by the appropriate European Partner.

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