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Article 9: Consultation and Planning


The Parties agree to consult with a view to facilitating a continuing and expanding cooperation in the use of outer space.


In order to enhance the opportunities for the European Partners to determine and express their interest in the planning and use of the Space Shuttle system, and particularly the SL, the Government of the United States of America will associate representatives of the European Partners, through consultation and as observers, with mission definition planning for use of the system as well as with planning and management of the overall development of the system.


The Government of the United States of America will consult with the European Partners on the appropriate measures to be taken in the event the Space Shuttle programme is not continued, and will, consistent with United States policy and the objectives of Articles 7 and 8, make available to the European Partners or ESRO existing alternative launchers for missions of the European Partners being developed for SL flights.

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