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Article 12: Assembly -- Functions


The functions of the Assembly shall be to:


Consider and review the activities, purposes, general policy and long-term objectives of the Organization and express views and make recommendations thereon to the Council.


Ensure that the activities of the Organization are consistent with this Convention and with the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, as well as with any other treaty by which the Organization becomes bound in accordance with its decision.


Authorize, on the recommendation of the Council, the establishment of additional space segment facilities the special or primary purpose of which is to provide radiodetermination, distress or safety services. However, the space segment facilities established to provide maritime public correspondence services can be used for telecommunications for distress, safety and radiodetermination purposes without such authorization.


Decide on other recommendations of the Council and express views on reports of the Council.


Elect four representatives on the Council in accordance with Article 13(1)(b).


Decide upon questions concerning formal relationships between the Organization and States, whether Parties or not, and international organizations.


Decide upon any amendment to this Convention pursuant to Article 34 or to the Operating Agreement pursuant to Article XVIII thereof.


Consider and decide whether membership be terminated in accordance with Article 30.


Exercise any other functions conferred upon it in any other Article of this Convention or the Operating Agreement.


In performing its functions the Assembly shall take into account any relevant recommendations of the Council.

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