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Article 15: Council -- Functions

The Council shall have the responsibility, having due regard for the views and recommendations of the Assembly, to make provision for the space segment necessary for carrying out the purposes of the Organization in the most economic, effective and efficient manner consistent with this Convention and the Operating Agreement. To discharge this responsibility, the Council shall have the power to perform all appropriate functions, including:


Determination of maritime satellite telecommunications requirements and adoption of policies, plans, programmes, procedures and measures for the design, development, construction, establishment, acquisition by purchase or lease, operation, maintenance and utilization of the INMARSAT space segment, including the procurement of any necessary launch services to meet such requirements.


Adoption and implementation of management arrangements which shall require the Director General to contract for technical and operational functions whenever this is more advantageous to the Organization.


Adoption of criteria and procedures for approval of earth stations on land, on ships and on structures in the marine environment for access to the INMARSAT space segment and for verification and monitoring of performance of earth station having access to and utilization of the INMARSAT space segment. For earth stations on ships, the criteria should be in sufficient detail for use by national licensing authorities, at their discretion, for type-approval purposes.


Submission of recommendations to the Assembly in accordance with Article 12(1)(c).


Submission to the Assembly of periodic reports on the activities of the Organization, including financial matters.


Adoption of procurement procedures, regulations and contract terms and approval of procurement contracts consistent with this Convention and the Operating Agreement.


Adoption of financial policies, approval of the financial regulations, annual budget and annual financial statements, periodic determination of charges for use of the INMARSAT space segment, and decisions with respect to all other financial matters, including investment shares and capital ceiling consistent with this Convention and the Operating Agreement.


Determination of arrangements for consultation on a continuing basis with bodies recognized by the Council as representing shipowners, maritime personnel and other users of maritime telecommunications.


Designation of an arbitrator where the Organization is a party to an arbitration.


Exercise of any other functions conferred upon it in any other Article of this Convention or the Operating Agreement or any other function appropriate for the achievement of the purposes of the Organization.

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