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Article 16: Directorate


The Director General shall be appointed, from among candidates proposed by Parties or Signatories through Parties, by the Council, subject to confirmation by the Parties. The Depositary shall immediately notify the Parties of the appointment. The appointment is confirmed unless within sixty days of the notification more than one-third of the Parties have informed the Depositary in writing of their objection to the appointment. The Director General may assume his functions after appointment and pending confirmation.


The term of office of the Director General shall be six years. However, the Council may remove the Director General earlier on its own authority. The Council shall report the reasons for the removal to the Assembly.


The Director General shall be the chief executive and legal representative of the Organization and shall be responsible to and under the direction of the Council.


The structure, staff levels and standard terms of employment of officials and employees and of consultants and other advisers to the Directorate shall be approved by the Council.


The Director General shall appoint the members of the Directorate. The appointment of senior officials reporting directly to the Director General shall be approved by the Council.


The paramount consideration in the appointment of the Director General and other personnel of the Directorate shall be the necessity of ensuring the highest standards of integrity, competency and efficiency.

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