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Article 19: Establishment of Utilization Charges


The Council shall specify the units of measurement for the various types of utilization of the INMARSAT space segment and shall establish charges for such utilization. These charges shall have the objective of earning sufficient revenues for the Organization to cover its operating, maintenance, and administrative costs, the provision of such operating funds as the Council may determine to be necessary, the amortization of investment made by Signatories, and compensation for use of capital in accordance with the Operating Agreement.


The rates of utilization charge for each type of utilization shall be the same for all Signatories for that type of utilization.


For entities, other than Signatories, which are authorized in accordance with Article 7 to utilize the INMARSAT space segment, the Council may establish rates of utilization charge different from those established for Signatories. The rates for each type of utilization shall be the same for all such entities for that type of utilization.

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