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Article 1: Definitions

For the purposes of this Convention:


"Operating Agreement" means the Operating Agreement on the International Maritime Satellite Organization (INMARSAT), including its Annex.


"Party" means a State for which this Convention has entered into force.


"Signatory" means either a Party or an entity designated in accordance with Article 2(3), for which the Operating Agreement has entered into force.


"Space segment" means the satellites, and the tracking, telemetry, command, control, monitoring and related facilities and equipment required to support the operation of these satellites.


"INMARSAT space segment" means the space segment owned or leased by INMARSAT.


"Ship" means a vessel of any type operating in the marine environment. It includes inter alia hydrofoil boats, air-cushion vehicles, submersibles, floating craft and platforms not permanently moored.


"Property" means anything that can be the subject of a right of ownership, including contractual rights.

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