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Article 32: Signature and Ratification


This Convention shall remain open for signature in London until entry into force and shall thereafter remain open for accession. All States may become Parties to the Convention by:


Signature not subject to ratification, acceptance or approval, or


Signature subject to ratification, acceptance or approval, followed by ratification, acceptance or approval, or




Ratification, acceptance, approval or accession shall be effected by the deposit of the appropriate instrument with the Depositary.


On becoming a Party to this Convention, or at any time thereafter, a State may declare, by written notification to the Depositary, to which Registers of ships operating under its authority, and to which land earth stations under its jurisdiction, the Convention shall apply.


No State shall become a Party to this Convention until it has signed, or the entity it has designated, has signed the Operating Agreement.


Reservations cannot be made to this Convention or the Operating Agreement.

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