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Article 8: Other Space Segment


A Party shall notify the Organization in the event that it or any person within its jurisdiction intends to make provision for, or initiate the use of, individually or jointly, separate space segment facilities to meet any or all of the purposes of the INMARSAT space segment, to ensure technical compatibility and to avoid significant economic harm to the INMARSAT system.


The Council shall express its views in the form of a recommendation of a non-binding nature with respect to technical compatibility and shall provide its views to the Assembly with respect to economic harm.


The Assembly shall express its views in the form of recommendations of a non-binding nature within a period of nine months from the date of commencing the procedures provided for in this Article. An extraordinary meeting of the Assembly may be convened for this purpose.


The notification pursuant to paragraph (1), including the provision of pertinent technical information, and subsequent consultations with the Organization, shall take into account the relevant provisions of the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union.


This Article shall not apply to the establishment, acquisition, utilization or continuation of separate space segment facilities for national security purposes, or which were contracted for, established, acquired or utilized prior to the entry into force of this Convention.

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