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Article 14


This Arrangement shall be open for signature by the Member States of the Organisation from 1 March 1973 to 10 August 1973. If, on this date, the Arrangement has entered into force in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 of this article, it shall remain open for signature until 23 September 1973.


The States shall become parties to this Arrangement:

either by signature not subject to ratification or approval,

or by depositing an instrument of ratification or approval with the Government of the French Republic if the Arrangement has been signed subject to ratification or approval.


This Arrangement shall come into force when it has been signed by the Organisation and when the aggregate contributions payable, on the basis of the scale set out in annex B, by the States that have become parties to this Arrangement, in accordance with paragraph 2 of this article, amount to two-thirds of the total contributions payable, for the sub-phase B 2.


For the purpose of paragraph 3 of this article, the deposit, with the depositary Government, of a declaration of intent to apply the Arrangement provisionally and to seek ratification or approval as soon as possible shall be considered as the deposit of an instrument of ratification or approval.


The Government of any member State of the Organisation which has not signed the Arrangement by 10 August 1973 may become party to it after that date, provided the other Governments parties to the Arrangement agree. In such case, the Government in question must deposit an instrument of accession with the Government of the French Republic; it may also apply the provisions of paragraph 4 of this article in order to become a party to this Arrangement.


Unless the Programme Board unanimously decides otherwise, a Government that becomes a party to this Arrangement under the terms of paragraph 5 of the present article, shall pay a contribution equal to that which it would have paid if it had been a party to the Arrangement at the moment of its entry into force, which shall also cover a contribution to the expenses for the definition phase, and this contribution shall be credited to the other Participants pro rata to their contributions to the programme budget.

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