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Article 17


A Participant wishing to withdraw under the terms of article 6, paragraph 2, shall notify its withdrawal to the Organisation. This withdrawal shall take effect at the date of the notification, subject to the following provisions:


The withdrawing Participant shall be bound to pay in the manner agreed its contributions adopted under the current or previous annual budget(s);


The withdrawing Participant shall remain bound to pay its share of the payment appropriations corresponding to approved contract authority used under the budget for the current or previous financial year(s') and relating to the design, development and construction phase;


The withdrawing Participant shall remain a member of the Programme Board until its obligations under a and b above have been fulfilled. It shall only have a right to vote on matters which are directly related to these obligations.


The withdrawing Participant shall retain the rights acquired up to the date on which its withdrawal takes effect. As regards actions and developments decided upon after its withdrawal, no further right or obligation shall arise in respect of that part of the programme to which it no longer contributes, unless and to the extent agreed otherwise between the remaining Participants and the withdrawing Participant. The provisions of article XVII of the Convention of the Organisation shall apply mutatis mutandis.


Should a non-member State which has acceded to the programme in accordance with the provisions of article 15 wish to withdraw from the programme, the provisions of this article shall apply mutatis mutandis.

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