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Article 4


A Programme Board, composed of representatives of the Participants, shall be responsible for the programme and shall take all decisions relating to it in conformity with the provisions of this Arrangement.


For matters affecting more than one programme of the Organisation, the Programme Board shall be advisory to the Council of the Organisation, to which it will on such matters make all necessary recommendations.


The Programme Board shall in particular:


provide the Director General of the Organisation with all necessary instructions concerning the execution of the programme, in particular regarding the interfaces of the programme with the other elements of the shuttle and orbital system of the United States;


ensure that close links are established by the Organisation with the future European users of the Spacelab system;


ensure implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding and any other relevant legal documents as far as the rights and obligations of the Participants are concerned;


study, if possible at least three years before the end of the development of Spacelab, the rules for implementing the principles referred to in article 10 of this Arrangement.


The Programme Board may establish such advisory bodies as it may deem necessary for the proper execution of the programme.


Except where otherwise provided in this Arrangement, the decisions of the Programme Board shall be taken in accordance with the rules of procedure for the Organisation's Council which shall apply mutadis mutandis.

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