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Article 8


The Participants authorise the Organisation to conclude the necessary contracts for the execution of the programme in conformity with the Organisation's rules and procedures. However, in placing contracts and sub-contracts for the execution of the programme, first preference shall be given, wherever possible, to having the work executed in the territories of the Participants and second preference to having it done in the territories of other member States of the Organisation, taking into consideration the decisions of the Council of the Organisation in the matter of contractual policy and distribution of work.


For this purpose the geographical distribution of contracts among the Participants concerning the Spacelab programme shall correspond to the percentage contributions of the Participants. Since the percentage of work to be performed in non-member States either by direct contracts from the Organisation or by sub-contracts issued by the industrial prime contractor, will probably in this programme be unusually high, the Organisation shall keep the amount of such contracts and sub-contracts under review and ensure that they are excluded from the preparation of statistics on the geographical distribution of contracts amongst Participants.

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