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The Spacelab programme includes the definition, design, development and construction of mannable pressurised laboratory modules and unpressurised instrument platforms (pallets) suitable for conducting research and application activities on shuttle sortie missions. The laboratory module and the pallet, either separately or together, will be transported to and from earth orbit in the shuttle payload bay and will be attached to and supported by the shuttle orbiter stage throughout the mission. The laboratory module will be characterised by a pressurised (shirt-sleeve) environment, a versatile capability for accommodating laboratory and observatory equipment at minimum cost to users, rapid access for users, and minimum interference with shuttle orbiter ground turnaround operations. The pallet, supporting telescopes, antennas and other instruments and equipment requiring direct space exposure, will normally be attached to the laboratory module with its experiments remotely operated from the laboratory module, but can also be attached directly to the shuttle orbiter and operated from the orbiter cabin. Additional descriptive material of the concept will be included in the Preliminary Project Plan drawn up jointly with NASA.


2.1 Definition phase (Phase B).

Sub-phase B 1 :

continuation of the study on the selected concept;

identification of those sub-systems that are critical from the cost viewpoint;

possible adaptation of the industrial structures.

Sub-phase B 2 :

Production of a technical proposal leading to the choice of a system and a corresponding development plan, together with a cost analysis, and of an estimate, to be prepared by the Organisation, of a cost proposal for the design, development and construction phase.

Sub-phase B 3 :

On the basis of the system selected at the end of sub-phase B 2, the following action will be taken:

preliminary project study of the corresponding sub-system;

analysis of operations;

establishment of a firm proposition for the design, development and construction phase.

This sub-phase will be completed by the selection of the main contractor for the following phase.

2.2 Design, development and construction phase.

Preparation of the detailed specification of, and construction plans for, the different Spacelab elements.

Development of the Spacelab elements.

Testing, assembling and checkout of the complete Spacelab.

The following elements are planned for delivery to NASA: one Spacelab flight unit, one Spacelab functional mock-up and two series of Spacelab ground support equipment, possibly together with the necessary spares and relevant documentation.


The timetable currently envisaged is as follows:

Definition phase (Phase B):

Sub-phase B 1 : mid-November 1972-end-January 1973,

Sub-phase B 2 : start-February 1973-end-July 1973,

Sub-phase B 3 : beginning-August 1973-end-1973;

Design, development and construction phase.

The first Spacelab flight is planned for 1979.


The provisions of this annex may be revised by a unanimous decision of the Programme Board.

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