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Board of Directors and Officers


The Board of Directors may administer the affairs of the company in all things and make or cause to be made for the company any description of contract that the company may, by-law, enter into and the Board may make by-laws, not contrary to law or to the charter of the company, to regulate


the time and place for the holding of meetings of the shareholders, the calling of meetings of the shareholders and of the Board, the quorum of any such meetings, the requirements respecting proxies and the procedure in all things at the meetings;


the allotment of shares, the payment therefor, the issue and registration of certificates for shares and the transfer of shares;


the declaration and payment of dividends;


the remuneration of directors;


the management and administration of the company's property;


the disposition of all moneys received in respect of the business of the company, the institutions in which the moneys are to be deposited, the manner in which the accounts for the deposits are to be kept and managed and the manner in which withdrawals are to be made from those accounts;


the appointment, duties, functions and removal of the officers, employees and agents of the company, the security to be given by them to the company and their remuneration; and


the conduct in all other particulars of the affairs of the company not otherwise provided for by its charter. R.S., c. T-4, s. 17.

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