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Voting of Shares

27. (1)

The validity of a transfer of shares of the company that has been made or recorded in a register of transfers of the company or the validity of the acceptance of a subscription for shares of the company is not affected by the holding of those shares in contravention of the charter of the company.


If the voting rights pertaining to any shares of the company that are held in contravention of the charter of the company are exercised at a general meeting of the shareholders of the company, no proceeding, matter or thing at that meeting is void by reason thereof, but any such proceeding, matter or thing is, at any time within one year after the day of commencement of the general meeting at which those voting rights were exercised, voidable at the option of the shareholders by a resolution passed at a special general meeting of the shareholders. R.S., c. T-4, s. 26.

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