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SEC. 201.
(a) The Secretary shall be responsible for-
(1) the Landsat system, including the orbit, operation, and disposition of Landsats 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5; and
(2) provision of data to foreign ground stations under the terms of agreements between the United States Government and nations that operate such ground stations which are in force on the date of commencement of the contract awarded pursuant to this title.
(b) The provisions of this section shall not affect the Secretary's authority to contract for the operation of part or all of the Landsat system, so long as the United States Government retains-
(1) ownership of such system;
(2) ownership of the unenhanced data;
(3) authority to make decisions concerning operation of the system.


SEC. 202.
(a) In accordance with the requirements of this title, the Secretary, by means of a competitive process and to the extent provided in advance by appropriation Acts, shall contract with a United States private sector party (as defined by the Secretary) for the marketing of unenhanced data collected by the Landsat system. Any such contract-
(1) shall provide that the contractor set the prices of unenhanced data;
(2) may provide for financial arrangements between the Secretary and the contractor including fees for operating the system, payments by the contractor as an initial fee or as a percentage of sales receipts, or other such considerations;
(3) shall provide that the contractor will offer to sell and deliver unenhanced data to all potential buyers on a nondiscriminatory basis;
(4) shall provide that the contractor pay to the U.S. Government the full purchase price of any unenhanced data that the contractor elects to utilize for purposes other than sale;
(5) shall be entered into by the Secretary only if the Secretary has determined that such contract is likely to result in net cost savings for the U.S. Government; and
(6) may be reawarded competively after the practical demise of the space segment of the Landsat system, as determined by the Secretary.
(b) Any contract authorized by subsection (a) may specify that the contractor use, and, at his own expense, maintain, repair, or modify, such elements of the Landsat system as the contractor finds necessary for commercial operations.
(c) Any decision or proposed decision by the Secretary to enter into any such contract shall be transmitted to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate and the Committee on Science and Technology of the House of Representatives for their review. No such decision or proposed decision shall be implemented unless
(A) a period of 30 calendar days has passed after the receipt by each such committee of such transmittal, or
(B) each such committee before the expiration of such period has agreed to transmit and has transmitted to the Secretary written notice to the effect that such committee has no objection to the decision or proposed decision. As part of the transmittal, the Secretary shall include information on the terms of the contract described in subsection (a).
(d) In defining "United States private sector party" for purposes of this Act, the Secretary may take into account the citizenship of key personnel, location of assets, foreign ownership, control, influence, and other such factors.


SEC. 203.
(a) The Secretary shall, as part of the advertisement for the competition for the contract authorized by section 202, identify and publish the international obligations, national security concerns (with appropriate protection of sensitive information), domestic legal considerations, and any other standards or conditions which a private contractor shall be required to meet.
(b) In selecting a contractor under this title, the Secretary shall consider-
(1) ability to market aggressively unenhanced data;
(2) the best overall financial return to the Government, including the potential cost savings to the Government that are likely to result from the contract;
(3) ability to meet the obligations, concerns, considerations, standards, and conditions identified under subsection (a);
(4) technical competence, including the ability to assure continuous and timely delivery of data from the Landsat system;
(5) ability to effect a smooth transition with the contractor selected under title III; and
(6) such other factors as the Secretary deems appropriate and relevant.
(c) If, as a result of the competitive process required by section 202(a), the Secretary receives no proposal which is acceptable under the provisions of this title, the Secretary shall so certify and fully report such finding to the Congress. As soon as practicable but not later than 30 days after so certifying and reporting the Secretary shall reopen the competitive process. The period for the subsequent competitive process shall not exceed 120 days. If, after such subsequent competitive process, the Secretary receives no proposal which is acceptable under the provisions of this title, the Secretary shall so certify and fully report such finding to the Congress. In the event that no acceptable proposal is received, the Secretary shall continue to market data from the Landsat system.
(d) A contract awarded under section 202 may, in the discretion of the Secretary, be combined with the contract required by title III, pursuant to section 304(b).


SEC. 204.
(a) After the date of the commencement of the contract described in section 202(a), the contractor shall be entitled to revenues from sales of copies of data from the Landsat system, subject to the conditions specified in sections 601 and 602.
(b) The contractor may continue to market data previously generated by the Landsat system after the demise of the space segment of that system.


SEC. 205.
(a) The contract under this title shall provide that the contractor shall act as the agent of the Secretary by continuing to supply unenhanced data to foreign ground stations for the life, and according to the terms, of those agreements between the United States Government and such foreign ground stations that are in force on the date of the commencement of the contract.
(b) Upon the expiration of such agreements, or in the case of foreign ground stations that have no agreement with the United States on the date of commencement of the contract, the contract shall provide-
(1) that unenhanced data from the Landsat system shall be made available to foreign ground stations only by the contractor; and
(2) that such data shall be made available on a nondiscriminatory basis.

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