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After consideration of the record in this proceeding and the records established in response to the applications, we conclude that the establishment of separate satellite systems will result in substantial benefits to users of international satellite communications services. Separate systems will provide users with special communications needs with currently unavailable means of packing and transmitting information over satellite networks. In addition, separate systems will stimulate technological innovation and service development, improve network efficiencies, reduce user-costs, create new business and trade opportunities. We further conclude that we can authorize separate systems subject to the Presidential limitations as further developed in this order with the reasonable assurance that INTELSAT will not incur significant economic harm. In separate orders adopted today, we are conditionally granting three of the applications that have been filed with the Commission and issuing construction permits. Each authorization is conditioned on one or more foreign authorities authorizing the use of the porposed system and entering into consultation procedures with the United States under Article XIV(d) of the INTELSAT Agreement to ensure technical compatibility and to avoid significant economic harm. We will not issue licenses permitting the proposed systems to be launched or begin operating until we have been informed by the Department of States that the United States has fulfilled its international obligations. With respect to the other two applications, we have found that the proposals do not comply with certain provisions of the international Radio Regulations, and we are therefore giving the applicants thirty days to modify their applications to bring them into compliance. Upon satisfactory modifications, we will issue construction permits with the same condition.

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