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(4) DRAFT GENERAL PRINCIPLES GOVERNING THE GEOSTATIONARY ORBIT (Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia and Kenya: working paper, A/C.105/C.2/L.147 of 29 March 1984)


Affirming that the geostationary orbit which lies on the equatorial plane and the existence of which mainly depends on its relation to gravitational phenomena generated by the Earth is a limited natural resource, and therefore its utilization should be rational and equitable and exclusively for the benefit of all mankind;

Principle VI

All States shall endeavour to co-operate in the efficient and economic utilization of the geostationary orbit on regional and on global basis, directly or through the United Nations and its specialized agencies and other competent international organizations.

Principle VII

The developed countries, international organizations as well as the developing countries which have already acquired capabilities in space technology should take necessary steps to facilitate and accelerate space science and technology transfers to other developing countries to achieve capabilities in the use of the geostationary orbit to serve their national development objectives.

Principle VIII

States and/or international organizations operating their space objects in the geostationary orbit shall take necessary actions to remove non-operational or unutilized space objects from the orbit.

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