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Article XV Rights and Obligations


The Parties and Signatories shall exercise their rights and meet their obligations under the Convention in a manner fully consistent with and in furtherance of the principles and the provisions of the Convention.


All Parties and all Signatories may attend and participate in all conferences and meetings in which they are entitled to be represented under any of the provisions of the Convention or the Operating Agreement, and in any other meetings called by or held under the auspices of EUTELSAT in accordance with the arrangements made by it for such meetings, regardless of where they may take place.


Before any such conference or meeting is held outside the country in which the Headquarters of EUTELSAT is established, the executive organ shall ensure that arrangements with the host Party or Signatory for each such conference or meeting include a provision for the admission to and residence in the host country during such conference or meeting of representative of all Parties and Signatories entitled to attend.


All Parties shall, if necessary, take measures within their jurisdiction to prevent the use of earth stations in connection with the EUTELSAT Space Segment which do not comply with Article 15 of the Operating Agreement.

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