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Article III Scope of EUTELSAT Activities


The main purpose of EUTELSAT shall be the design, development, construction, establishment, operation and maintenance of the space segment of the European telecommunications satellite system or systems. In this context, EUTELSAT shall have as its prime objective the provision of the space segment required for international public telecommunications services in Europe.


The EUTELSAT Space Segment shall also be made available on the same basis as international public telecommunications services for domestic public telecommunications services in Europe, either between areas separated by areas which do not fall under the jurisdiction of the same Party or between areas falling under the jurisdiction of the same Party but separated by the high seas.


As long as the ability of EUTELSAT to achieve its prime objective is not impaired, the EUTELSAT Space Segment may also be made available for other domestic or international public telecommunications services.


In the implementation of its activities EUTELSAT shall apply the principle of non-discrimination as between Signatories.


On request and under appropriate terms and conditions, the EUTELSAT Space Segment, existing or being implemented at the time of such a request, may also be utilized in Europe for specialized telecommunications services either international or domestic as defined in paragraph (l) of Article I of the Convention, but not for military purposes, provided that:


the provision of public telecommunications services is not unfavourably affected;


the arrangements are otherwise acceptable from a technical and economic point of view.


EUTELSAT may, on request and under appropriate terms and conditions, provide satellites and associated equipment separate from those for the EUTELSAT Space Segment for:


domestic public telecommunications services;


international public telecommunications services;


specialized telecommunications services, other than for military purposes;
provided that the efficient and economic operation of the EUTELSAT Space Segment is not unfavourably affected in any way.


EUTELSAT may undertake any research and experimentation in fields directly connected with its purposes.

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