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Article VII Assembly of Parties -- Procedure


The Assembly of Parties shall be composed of all the Parties.


A Party may be represented by another Party in a meeting of the Assembly of Parties, but no Party may represent more than two other Parties.


The first ordinary meeting of the Assembly of Parties shall be convened by the Director General within one year after the date on which the Convention enters into force. Ordinary meetings shall thereafter be held every two years unless the Assembly of Parties decides at an ordinary meeting that the following meeting shall be held at a different interval.


The Assembly of Parties may also hold extraordinary meetings at the request of one or more Parties supported by at least one-third of the Parties or at the request of the Board of Signatories. Such a request shall state the purpose of the meeting.


Each Party shall meet its own costs of representation at meetings of the Assembly of Parties. Expenses of meetings of the Assembly of Parties shall be regarded as an administrative cost of EUTELSAT for the purpose of Article 9 of the Operating Agreement.

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