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Article VIII Assembly of Parties -- Procedure


Each Party shall have one vote in the Assembly of Parties. Parties abstaining from voting shall be considered as not voting.


Decisions on matters of substance shall be taken by an affirmative vote cast by at least two-thirds of the Parties present or represented and voting. A Party which represents one or two other Parties under paragraph (b) of Article VII of the Convention may vote separately for each Party it represents.


Decisions on procedural matters shall be taken by an affirmative vote cast by a simple majority of the Parties present and voting, each having one vote.


A quorum for any meeting of the Assembly of Parties shall consist of representatives of a simple majority of all the Parties, provided that not less than one-third of all the Parties are present.


The Assembly of Parties shall adopt its rules of procedure, which shall be consistent with the provisions of the Convention and which, in particular, shall include provisions for:


election of its Chairman and other officers;


convening of meetings;


representation and accreditation;


voting procedures.

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