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IV. Miscellaneous and General Provisions


In the event of proceedings being instituted by the victims of damage caused by Ariane launches, the French Government shall be responsible for the payment of any damages that may be awarded.


The French Government may conclude with the Member States that do not subscribe to this Declaration bilateral agreements that are compatible with the provisions thereof. Such agreements will be notified to the Participants.



This Declaration shall be open for signature by the Member States of the Agency for a period of three months starting on 14 January 1980.
During this period, any Member State shall be free to subscribe to it.
Subsequent subscriptions shall require the agreement of all the States that have previously subscribed to it.
The Declaration shall enter into force on the expiry of this period of 3 months, subject to the entry into force of the ESA Convention.


This Declaration shall apply up to the end of 1989. If need be, its provisions shall remain in force beyond that date in order to allow for the execution of contracts concluded up to the end of 1989. Not less than 3 years before the Declaration is due to expire, the Participants shall consult together on the conditions for its renewal.

Amendments to the provisions of this Declaration and its Annexes shall require the unanimous approval of the Participants.


Any dispute arising between two or more Participants regarding the interpretation or implementation of this Declaration shall be submitted to arbitration in accordance with the procedure defined in Article XVII of the ESA Convention.

(Note: Annexes 1 and 2 are not reproduced)

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