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Article 10 The Budget


The budget shall be established in terms of European Currency Units (ECU) as defined in the Financial Regulations of the European Communities no. 3180/78 of 18 December 1978.


The financial year shall run from 1 January to 31 December.


The annual budget of EUMETSAT shall be drawn up for each financial year before the beginning of that year under the conditions laid down in the Financial Rules. The revenue and expenditure shown in the budget shall be in balance.


The Council shall, in conformity with Article 5.2 (b), adopt the budget for each financial year, as well as any supplementary and amending budgets.


The Council's adoption of the budget shall constitute:


the obligation for each Member State to make available to EUMETSAT the financial contributions fixed in the budget;


the authority for the Director to incur commitments and expenditure within the limit of the corresponding authorised credits.


If the budget has not been adopted by the Council by the beginning of a financial year, the Director may, each month, enter into commitments and make payments in each chapter of the budget up to one twelfth of the appropriations in the budget of the preceding financial year, provided that he shall not have at his disposal appropriations in excess of one twelfth of those provided for in the draft budget.


Member States shall pay each month, on a provisional basis and in accordance with the scale referred to in Annex II, the amounts necessary for the application of paragraph 6.


The detail of the financial arrangements and accounting procedures shall be contained in the financial rules adopted by the Council in conformity with Article 5.2 (b).

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