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Article 19 Dissolution


EUMETSAT may at any time be dissolved by the Council by a decision in accordance with Article 5.2 (a).


Unless the Council decides otherwise, by a decision taken in conformity with Article 5.2 (a), a Member State having denounced the Convention not taking part in the vote on this issue, EUMETSAT shall be dissolved if, as a result of the denunciation of this Convention by one or more Member States under the provisions of Article 18.1, the contribution rate of each of the other Member States is increased by more than one-fifth compared to the rate laid down in Annex II.


In the cases referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2, the Council shall appoint a liquidation authority.


The assets shall be shared out among the States that are members of EUMETSAT at the time of its dissolution pro rata to the contributions actually paid by them from the time of becoming Parties to this Convention. In the event of a deficit this shall be met by the same States pro rata to the contributions as assessed for the current financial year.

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