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Article 4 The Council


The Council shall be composed of not more than two representatives of each Member State, one of whom should be a delegate of his country's meteorological service. The representatives may be assisted by advisers during meetings of the Council.


The Council shall elect from among its members a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman who shall hold office for two years and may be re-elected not more than once. The Chairman shall conduct the discussions of the Council and shall not have the capacity of a representative of a Member State.


The Council shall meet in ordinary session at least once a year. It may meet in extraordinary session at the request of either the Chairman or one-third of the Member States. The Council shall meet at the EUMETSAT Headquarters unless it decides otherwise.


The Council may establish subsidiary bodies and working groups as it deems necessary for the achievement of the objectives of EUMETSAT.


The Council shall adopt its own rules of procedure.

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