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Article 6 The Director


The Director shall be responsible for the implementation of the decisions taken by the Council and for the execution of the tasks assigned to EUMETSAT. He shall be the legal representative of EUMETSAT and in that capacity he shall sign Agreements approved by the Council, as well as contracts.


The Director shall act on the instructions of the Council. He shall in particular,


ensure the proper functioning of EUMETSAT;


receive the contributions of the Member States;


enter into the commitments and incur the expenditure decided on by the Council, within the limit of the authorised credits;


draft tender invitations and contracts;


prepare the meetings of the Council and provide the meetings of possible subordinate bodies and working groups with the necessary technical and administrative assistance;


monitor and control the execution of contracts;


prepare and implement the budget of EUMETSAT in accordance with the financial rules and submit annually for approval by the Council the accounts relating to the implementation of the budget and the balance sheet of assets and liabilities, drawn up in each case in accordance with the financial rules, and the report on the activities of EUMETSAT;


maintain the necessary accounts;


execute such other tasks as may be entrusted to him by the Council.


The Director shall be supported by a Secretariat.

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