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Article 8 Liability


EUMETSAT offers no warranty in respect of the services and products provided or to be provided pursuant to this Convention.


EUMETSAT, the Member States, and their civil servants or employees when acting in the exercise of their functions and within the limits of their authority, as well as any representative at EUMETSAT meetings, shall not be liable to any Member State or EUMETSAT in respect of loss or injury resulting from any discontinuation, delay or unsatisfactory operation of the services provided in accordance with Annex I to this Convention.


No Member shall be liable for the acts and obligations of EUMETSAT linked with the establishment of the space segment of EUMETSAT, except where such liability results from a treaty to which that Member State and a State claiming compensation are parties. In that case, EUMETSAT shall indemnify the Member State concerned in respect of any such liability, unless the latter has expressly undertaken to assume exclusively such liability. The Council shall establish the procedures for the implementation of this paragraph.

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