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Article 9 Funding Principles


The expenditure of EUMETSAT shall comprise the costs relating to the services provided by contractors and suppliers, as well as the expenditure necessary for the execution of the duties devolving on it.


The expenditure of EUMETSAT shall be covered by the financial contributions of the Member States and by any other EUMETSAT income.


Each Member State shall pay to EUMETSAT an annual contribution in convertible currency on the basis of the scale contained in Annex II. The methods of payment of the contributions shall be determined in the financial rules.


If, subsequent to the date of entry into force of this Convention pursuant to either paragraph 1 or paragraph 2 of Article 16, a Member State ceases to be a party to the Convention or if a State accedes to it, the Council shall examine the corresponding consequences and shall adopt the appropriate measures. In addition, the scale of contributions referred to in Annex II may be adjusted on a pro rata basis.


The financial rules shall define the applicable procedure in the event of the non-payment of contributions of a Member State, as well as the additional charges on the Member State that is in arrears with its contributions.


The Council may accept voluntary contributions, whether in cash or otherwise, provided they are made for purposes compatible with the objectives, activities and principles of conduct of EUMETSAT.

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