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Chapter1. Basic Policy and Space Development

1-1. Basic Policy

Japan promotes the development of space in the context of the domestic and international situation, and for peaceful purposes, based on the following basic policies.
1. Promotion of Creative Science Research and Technology Development We will promote
  Space science which deepens our understanding of the origins, structures, and evolution of the universe and the solar system,
  Earth science which investigates long-term changes in the global environment, and other matters related to the use of satellite observation data, as well as,
  Material and life sciences which use space.
In addition, we should challenge the unknown, and increase our efforts to develop creative technologies and systems in order to keep our technology at an international level, and widen technological applications.
2. Encouragement of Development to Meet Social Needs
We will make an efforts to apply the results of our development of space to other areas in society. At the same time, we will encourage the development of space by keeping close contact with users.
3. Improvements in Space Economics
Special efforts will be made to cut space transportation costs and to increase the cost/benefit ratio of satellites, to gain public support for space development.
4. Promotion of International Cooperation
Keeping the characteristics of space development in mind, we will pursue an active role in international space cooperation, and one appropriate to Japan's position in the world.
5. Well-Balanced Development of Manned and Unmanned Space Systems
Taking into account the current level of our technology and scale of development, we will continue to emphasize unmanned systems, and develop their reliability and sophistication. Manned systems will be developed within the framework of international cooperation, such as our participation in the International Space Station Project.
6. Development of Space Industry
To ensure the smooth and effective development of space, it is important to ensure the development of a space industry in Japan, including equipment and component manufacturers. Consideration will therefore be given to healthy development of the space industry in implementing Japan's national space development policy.
7. Preservation of Space Environment
Space debris has been accumulating since the beginning of space exploration. Due consideration must therefore be given to preserving the environment of space by avoiding the production of more space debris in future space activities.

1-2. Implementation

1. Japan's space activities are being implemented under the "Space Development Plan", a Fundamental Policy of Japan's Space Activities formulated by the Space Activities Commission (SAC), in line with the spirit of the Fundamental Policy, and the " Basic Plan for Space Development " laid down by the Prime Minister acting on SAC's advice.
2. Based upon discussions by SAC subcommittees, we will evaluate the on-going space projects and their results in a timely manner, and develop space in a planned but flexible way.
3. Major space activities are classified into two categories, " development program " and " research program", according to purpose and mission.
4. The " space development program " is divided into the following stages :
  " development study " establishing system requirements
  " development " design to launch
  " operation " after launch
The program is reviewed every year, and is finalized in the " Space Development Plan " . The same applies to " research program " .
5. With space technology becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse some of the mission equipment, which requires high technical know- how and a longer time to development, such as the Earth observation sensors , will be transferred from the " research program " stage to the " development program " stage, if necessary, although there may be some uncertainties in tying together systems of related.
6. Programs other than " development " and " research " programs, such as the launching of applications satellites bought by the government, and the consolidating facilities, are also dealt with in the " Space Development Plan .
7. With Japan's financial situation in mind, we will try to eliminate unnecessary expenses.
8. We will cease classifying major space activities into the "space development series", except for some satellites which require systematic and consistent development. This will be described later.
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