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Chapter4. International Cooperation

In space development we will be expected:

to develop our indigenous technology,
  to contribute to technological improvements worldwide,
  to utilize the results of space activities for the promotion of space development internationally, and
  to take the initiative in promoting international cooperation.

When we engage in such cooperation, we must ensure mutual benefits and reciprocity by taking full account of our national condition as well as that of cooperating partners . It is also essential to clearly define the purposes and objectives of the cooperation, and to conduct it in a well-organized manner. To those ends , we will implement the following measures:

(1) International cooperation in the field of information exchange, personnel exchange, and collaborating projects will be facilitated. We will introduce the necessary institutional arrangements for cooperation.
(2) Efforts will be made to set up forums for discussion and consultation over a cooperative project at an early stage. The forums will be attended by participating countries to form a common understanding of the project.
(3) There are many items suitable for international cooperation in the fields of Earth observation, Earth science, the use of space and space science. They are, for example, joint observation systems, installation of observing devices on partner's satellites or space probes, sharing experimental apparatus, joint study and sharing of observation data, and formulation of an information network. These activities will be steadily promoted.
(4) To implement space activities on a world-wide scale, we should develop and manage a large-scale space infrastructure through different forms of international cooperation. We will, therefore, facilitate such cooperation by selecting the most suitable cooperative approaches to establish individual elements of space infrastructure.
(5) Keeping in mind requests from the Asia-Pacific region in the fields of Earth observation, communication, broadcasting, and space environment utilization, we, as a part ot the region, will expand our cooperative activities through various means, such as the provision of research and verification opportunities in space, joint projects, cooperative research, personnel exchange, and technology transfer.
(6) We will actively participate in and support international activities conducted by the U.N., Intelsat, Inmarsat, and other international organizations.

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