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Chapter5. Promotion of Space Activities in the Private Sector

5-I Enforcement of Space Activities in Private Sector

To familiarize the public with space activities and integrate them into daily life, the private sector must conduct more vigorous activities. In addition, to help implement the national space projects, the space manufacturing industry must consolidate.

Our space industry will be expected to improve its technology and expand its business activities.
To improve the private sector's space activities, the Japanese government will take the following measures:

(1) Strengthen technology by urging the private sector to join government projects and stimulate cooperative research between public and the private sectors.
(2) Provide the private sector more opportunities for technology verification and experiments in space.
(3) Transfer technical information held by the government and NASDA to the private sector.
(4) Encourage the private sector to use the government's and NASDA's test facilities.
(5) Stimulate the private sector's technical development and facility investment through monetary and tax measures.
(6) Improve the standardization of parts and components for use in space.
(7) Exchange personnel between NASDA and the private sector.
(8) Prepare an environment for commercial launch services and export of space related parts and equipment.

5- 2 Encouraging the use of Space in the Private Sector

The private sector's use of space will expand as social and public needs increase, due to reduced costs and increased reliability of space. The expansion in use will also contribute both to creating new industries, and expanding the space manufacturing industry through increased demand for space equipment.

For the purpose of encouraging the use of space in the private sector, the following measures will be taken to:
(1) Introduction of proper monetary and tax measures.
(2) By paying attention to our participation in the use of space at reasonable cost.

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