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Chapter III. State Support and Regulation of Commercial Space Activity

Article 9. State Support of Commercial Space Activity


The state shall provide comprehensive and constant support to organizations and persons involved in commercial space activity in the interests of the economy of the Russian Federation with security of the Russian Federation taken into account.


Legal entities and natural persons performing activities on commercial space projects included in the Federal Space Program have the right to get state guarantees, other benefits and advantages in line with laws and other standard legal acts of the Russian Federation.


The Federal Executive Body for Space Activity shall support commercial space projects by means of their inclusion in the Federal Space Program as well as sales or transfer of new technologies, rendering services on ground tests of space equipment, provision of opportunities to use manned and unmanned space objects for the implementation of commercial programs of scientific, social and economic importance, rendering services on preparation and launch of launch vehicles with commercial spacecraft, and on in-flight control, provision of state owned industrial and test facilities on the leasing or gratis basis, and by other means.


Federal Executive Bodies indicated in Articles 6 and 7 shall provide legal entities and natural persons with information about commercial space projects.

Article 10. Licensing of Commercial Space Activity

Commercial space activity shall be licensed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Article 11. Qualification of Equipment Developed in Commercial Space Programs and Projects

To be qualified are space products including space objects and space infrastructure objects, as well as materials, specimens, technologies, and software and information products developed in commercial space projects.

Qualification shall be carried out in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation.

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