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Section I. General Provisions

Article 1. The Legislation of Russian Federation on Space Activity


The presents Law shall lay down legal and organization foundations of space activities under the jurisdiction of Russian Federation.


Space activities under the jurisdiction of Russian Federation shall also be regulated by other laws and normative acts of Russian Federation issued in accordance with the Constitution of Russian Federation and this Law.

Article 2. The Concept of Space Activity


For purposes of this Law space activity shall be defined as any activity immediately connected with operations to explore and use outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies.

Space activity shall include:

space researches;

space communications, including television and radio broadcasting with the help of satellite systems;

remote sensing of the Earth from outer space, including environmental monitoring and meteorology;

use of navigation, topographical and geodesic satellite systems;

manned space flights;

manufacturing materials and other products in outer space;

other kinds or activity performed with the aid of space technologies.


Space activity comprises creating (including development, manufacture and test), as well as using and transferring space technics, space technologies, other products and services necessary for carrying out space activity.

Article 3. Goals and Purposes of Space Activity


Space activity shall be carried out with the goal of promoting the well-being of the citizens of Russian Federation, the development of Russian Federation and ensuring its security, as well as solving global problems of mankind.


The main tasks of space activity under the jurisdiction of Russian Federation shall be:

proving access to outer space;

studying the Earth and outer space;

developing science, technics and technologies, enhancing economic efficiency;

ensuring defense capabilities of Russian Federation and control over the implementation of international treaties concerning armaments and armed forces.

Article 4. The Principles of Space Activity


Space activity shall be carried out in conformity with the following principles:

the equal right of the organizations and citizens of Russian Federation to participate in space activity;

access to information about space activity;

use of the results of space activity in the interests of customers with due regard to the rights of organizations and citizens participating in space activity;

introduction of the achievements of space science and technics into national economy;

restriction of monopolistic activity and the development of entrepreneurial activity;

independence of expertise on questions of space activity;

insurance of safety in space activity, including the protection of the environment;

promotion of international cooperation in the field of space activity;

international responsibility of the state for space activity under its jurisdiction.


With the aim to ensure strategic and ecological security it is prohibited in Russian Federation:

to put into the orbit around the Earth or to deploy in outer space otherwise the nuclear weapon and any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction;

to test the nuclear weapon and any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction in outer space;

to use space objects and other space technics as a means of influence upon the environment in military and other hostile purposes;

to use the Moon and other celestial bodies in military purposes;

to create deliberate immediate threat for safety of space activity, including safety of space objects;

to make harmful contamination of outer space which leads to unfavourable changes of the environment, including celiberate elimination of space objects in outer space.

Other space activity under the jurisdiction of Russian Federation, which is prohibited by international treaties of Russian Federation, is not allowed, too.


Space activity, as well as dissemination of information on space activity shall be carried out with the observation of the requirements, stipulated by the legislation of Russian Federation, on the protection of intellectual property rights, state (military including) and commercial secret.


General information on space activity, which is subject to point 3 of present Article, including the data:

of the plans of launchings of space objects and their changing;

of space projects and the course of their realization;

of budget allotments for space activities;

of incidents and accidents while carrying out space activity and the damage because of such accidents,

shall be disseminated without restrictions.

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