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Section X Visits to Establishments


Each Participant will permit visits to its Government establishments, agencies and laboratories, and Contractor industrial facilities by employees of the other Participants or by employees of the other Participants' Contractors, provided that the visit is authorized by the two Participants involved and the employees have appropriate security clearances and a need-to-know.


All visiting personnel will comply with security regulations of the host Participant. Any Information disclosed or made available to visitors will be treated as if supplied to the Participant sponsoring the visiting personnel, and will be subject to the provisions of this MOU.


Requests for visits by personnel of one Participant to a facility of another Participant will be coordinated through official channels, and will conform with the established visit procedures of the host country. Requests for visits will bear the name of the Project.


Lists of personnel of each Participant required to visit, on a continuing basis, facilities of the other Participants will be submitted through official channels in accordance with Recurring International Visit Procedures.

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