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Section I Definition of Terms and Abbreviations

For the purposes of this MOU, the following definitions will apply.

Classified Information

Official Information that requires protection in the interests of national security and is so designated by the application of a security classification marking.


Any mutually binding legal relationship which obligates a Contractor under this Project to furnish supplies or services, and obligates one or more of the Participants to pay for them.


The obtaining of supplies or services by Contract from sources outside the government organizations of the Participants. Contracting includes description (but not determination) of supplies and services required, solicitation and selection of sources, preparation and award of Contracts, and all phases of Contract administration.

Contracting Agency

The entity within the government organization of a Participant, which has authority to enter into, administer, and/or terminate Contracts.

Contracting Officer

A person representing a Contracting Agency of a Participant who has the authority to enter into, administer, and/or terminate Contracts.


Any entity awarded a Contract under this Project by a Participant's Contracting Agency.

Controlled Unclassified Information

Unclassified Information to which access or distribution limitations have been applied in accordance with applicable national laws or regulations. Whether the Information is provided or generated under this MOU, the Information will be marked to identify its "in confidence" nature. It could include Information which has been Classified, but remains controlled.

Cost Ceiling

The maximum amount to which the Project cost may move without the prior written approval of the Participants.


Defence Research Agency (U.K.)

Designated Security Authority (DSA)

The security office approved by national authorities to be responsible for the security aspects of this MOU.


The European Earth Remote Sensing Satellite (first).


European Space Agency

Government Purposes

Manufacture or other use in any part of the world by or for the Government of any Participant.


Knowledge that can be communicated by any means.


Any item or substance from which Information can be derived.

Nansen Center

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center located in Bergen, Norway.


Norwegian Defence Research Establishment


NORwegian Continental Shelf Experiments


Naval Research Laboratory (U.S.)


Legal protection of the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention. The term refers to any and all patents including, but not limited to, patents of implementation, improvement, or addition, petty patents, utility models, appearance design patents, registered designs, and inventor certificates or like statutory protection as well as divisions, reissues, continuations, renewals, and extensions of any of these.


Project Manager


The "Development of Synthetic Aperture Radar Application to Support Coastal Warfare, and Surface Shipwake Detection and Characterization" is a cooperative Research and Development effort utilizing SAR research capabilities of NRL, NDRE, and DRA, which will bring their collective scientific and technoloical skills to bear on the exploitation of SAR sensors for coastal warfare.

Project Background Information

Information not generated in the performance of this Project.

Project Equipment

Any material, equipment, end item, subsystem, component, special tooling, or test equipment used in the Project.

Project Foreground Information

Project Information generated in the performance of the Project.

Project Information

Any Information provided to, generated in, or used in this Project regardless of form or type.

Project Invention

Any invention or discovery formulated or made (conceived or first actually reduced to practice) in the course of work performed under a Project. The term "first actually reduced to practice" means the first demonstration, sufficient to establish to one skilled in the art to which the invention pertains, of the operability of an invention for its intended purpose and in its intended environment.

Project Plan

Developed by the Project Manager, it provides a general description of the Project and forms the basis for the business strategy and other Project documentation.

Rocky Road

A multiyear NATO oceanographic survey of Vest Fjorden and the Norwegian Sea.


Synthetic Aperture Radar


Steering Committee


Shuttle Imaging Radar, Model C


SPAce and Naval WARfare Systems Command (U.S.)

Third Party

Any person or other entity whose governing authority is not a Participant in this MOU.

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