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Section III Scope of Works


The overall work to be undertaken under this MOU includes:


Research principally in the areas of:


shallow water and coastal applications of SAR, including acoustics and ocean features research;


SAR applications to ship and shipwake detection and ship-hull characterization;


sea ice algorithms for ice motion versus ambient noise and over-ice/under-ice roughness; and


SAR potential to provide Information regarding seabed topography.


Development of the means to characterize the oceanography, seabed topography, and surf conditions of tactically important coastal regions as measured by airborne and space-based SAR.


Advancement of the ability to detect and characterize wakes of surface ships using both airborne and space-based SAR. In this project, the principal platform for the space-based SAR is the ESA ERS-1 satellite.


Analysis of previously cataloged ERS-1 satellite images.


Analysis of NORCSEX data as the basis for preliminary formulation of coastal ocean algorithms.


Coordination with the Rocky Road Chief Scientist to allow Project-unique data acquisition during Rocky Road events.


The work allocation is provided for in Annex A.

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