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Section V Financial Provisions


Each Participant will contribute its equitable share of the full costs of the Project, including overhead costs and administrative costs. The assignment of work represents an equitable sharing of work to be performed under the Project, and each Participant will receive an equitable share of the results of the Project.



Each Participant will fund the full extent of its participation in the Project. The Participants estimate that the performance of the responsibilities under this MOU will not exceed a Cost Ceiling of $ 11.88M fiscal year 1993 U.S. dollars.


The full costs of the Project, as identified in this Section and in Annex B (Financial Matters) of this MOU, will be shared according to the following percentages:


Percentage Share

United States

33 1/3%


33 1/3%

United Kingdom

33 1/3%


The Participants will use their best efforts to perform, or to have performed, the work specified in Section III (Scope of Work) and fulfill all the obligations under this MOU within the cost specified in Annex B (Financial Matters).


Each Participant will bear the full costs it incurs for performing, managing, and administering its activities under this MOU and these costs will be included as part of each Participant's contributions to the Project. Values for Project nonfinancial contributions are detailed in Annex B (Financial Matters).


The following costs will be borne entirely by the Participant incurring the costs:


Costs associated with any unique national requirements identified by a Participant.


Any other costs outside the scope of this MOU.


A Participant will promptly notify the other Participants if available funds are not adequate to fulfill its responsibilities under this MOU. If a Participant notifies the other Participants that it it withdrawing or reducing its funding for this Project, all Participants will immediately consult with a view toward continuation on a changed or reduced basis in accordance with the provisions of Section XVIII (Amendment, Withdrawal, Termination, Entry Into Effect, and Duration).


All activities of the Participants under this MOU will be carried out in accordance with their national laws and the obligations of the Participants will be subject to the availability appropriated funds for such purposes.

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