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Section VII Project Equipment


Each Participant may provide Project Equipment identified as being necessary for executing the MOU to another Participant. Project Equipment will remain the property of the providing Participant. A list of all Project Equipment provided by one Participant to another will be developed and maintained by the PMs, approved by the SC, and subsequently incorporated into this MOU as a separate annex in accordance with Section IV (Management (Organization and Responsibility)) prior to such transfers.


The receiving Participant will maintain any such Project Equipment in good order, repair, and operable condition and return the items in as good condition as received, reasonable wear and tear excepted. The receiving Participant will pay the cost of damage (other than reasonable wear and tear) to or loss of the Project Equipment.


All Project Equipment that is transferred will be used by the receiving Participant only for the purposes set out in this MOU. In addition, in accordance with Section XII (Third Party Sales and Transfers) Project Equipment will not be retransferred to a Third Party without the prior written consent of the providing Participant.


Project Equipment transferred to a Participant under this MOU will be returned to the providing Participant prior to the termination or expiration of this MOU.

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