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Section IX Controlled Unclassified Information


Except as otherwise provided in this MOU or authorized in writing by the originating Participant, Controlled Unclassified Information provided or generated pursuant to this MOU will be controlled as follows:


Such Information will be used only for the purposes authorized for use of Project Information as specified in Section VIII (Disclosure and Use of Project Information).


Access to such Information will be limited to personnel whose access is necessary for the permitted use under subparagraph (a) above, and will be subject to the provisions of Section XII (Third Party Sales and Transfers).


Each Participant will take all lawful steps, which may include national classification, available to it to keep such Information free from further disclosure (including requests under any legislative provisions), except as provided in subparagraph (b) above, unless the originating Participant consents to such disclosure. In the event of unauthorized disclosure, of if it becomes probable that the Information may have to be further disclosed under any legislative provision, immediate notification will be given to the originating Participant.


To assist in providing the appropriate controls, the originating Participant will ensure that Information is appropriately marked. The Participants will mutually determine, in advance, the markings to be placed on the Information. The appropriate markings will be defined in the Project Security Instruction.


Controlled Unclassified Information provided or generated pursuant to this MOU will be handled in a manner that ensures control as provided for in Paragraph 1., above.


Prior to authorizing the release of Controlled Unclassified Information to Contractors, the Participants will ensure the Contractors are legally bound to control such Information in accordance with the provisions of this Section.

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