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I. Purpose

The Government of the United States of America ("the United States") and the Government of Ukraine ("Ukraine"), (hereinafter the "Parties"),

Recognizing the joint presidential commitment of November 1994 to "work together to open prospects for Ukrainian access to international aerospace markets,"

Taking into account continued Ukrainian fulfillment of the May 1994 Memorandum of Understanding Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Ukraine on the Transfer of Missile Equipment and Technology,

Recognizing that this Agreement is a transitional measure as the international space launch services market evolves into an environment characterized by free and fair trade among market economy space launch services providers, and

Recognizing that Ukrainian entities intend to offer commercial space launch services to international customers consistent with market principles, at fair and reasonable prices, and in a manner that does not disrupt the international market for commercial space launch services,

Have concluded this Agreement to facilitate early Ukrainian entry into the international commercial space launch services market in a manner that encourages market-oriented reform in the Ukrainian economy, including its space-launch sector.

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