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Article 13 Communications

1. The United States and Russia, through their Cooperating Agencies, shall provide the two primary data relay satellite system space and ground communications networks for command, control, and operations of Space Station elements and payloads, and other Space Station communication purposes. Other Partners may provide data relay satellite system space and ground communication networks, if they are compatible with the Space Station and with Space Station use of the two primary networks. The provision of Space Station communications shall be in accordance with provisions in the relevant MOUs and implementing arrangements.
2. On a reimbursable basis, Cooperating Agencies shall use their best efforts to accommodate, with their respective communication systems, specific Space Station-related requirements of one another, consistent with conditions specified in the relevant MOUs and implementing arrangements.
3. The United States, through NASA, working with the other Partners' Cooperating Agencies in management bodies, shall plan and coordinate space and ground communications services for the Space Station in accordance with relevant program documentation, as provided in the MOUs and implementing arrangements.
4. Measures to ensure the confidentiality of utilization data passing through the Space Station Information System and other communication systems being used in connection with the Space Station may be implemented, as provided in the MOUs. Each Partner shall respect the proprietary rights in, and the confidentiality of, the utilization data passing through its communication systems, including its ground network and the communication systems of its contractors, when providing communication services to another Partner.

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