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Article 15 Funding

1. Each partner shall bear the costs of fulfilling its respective responsibilities under this Agreement, including sharing on an equitable basis the agreed common system operations costs or activities attributed to the operation of the Space Station as a whole, as provided in the MOUs and implementing arrangements.
2. Financial obligations of each Partner pursuant to this Agreement are subject to its funding procedures and the availability of appropriated funds. Recognizing the importance of Space Station cooperation, each partner undertakes to make its best efforts to obtain approval for funds to meet those obligations, consistent with its respective funding procedures.
3. In the event that funding problems arise that may affect a Partner's ability to fulfill its responsibilities in Space Station cooperation, that Partner, acting through its Cooperating Agency, shall notify and consult with the other Cooperating Agencies. If necessary, the Partners may also consult.
4. The Partners shall seek to minimize operations costs for the Space Station. In particular, the Partners, through their Cooperating Agencies, in accordance with the provisions of the MOUs, shall develop procedures intended to contain the common system operations costs and activities within approved estimated levels.
5. The Partners shall also seek to minimize the exchange of funds in the implementation of Space Station cooperation, including through the performance of specific operations activities as provided in the MOUs and implementing arrangements or, if the concerned Partners agree, through the use of barter.

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