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Article 1 Object and Scope

1. The object of this Agreement is to establish a long-term international cooperative framework among the Partners, on the basis of genuine partnership, for the detailed design, development, operation, and utilization of a permanently inhabited civil international Space Station for peaceful purposes, in accordance with international law. This civil international Space Station will enhance the scientific, technological, and commercial use of outer space. This Agreement specifically defines the civil international Space Station program and the nature of this partnership, including the respective rights and obligations of the Partners in this cooperation. This Agreement further provides for mechanisms and arrangements designed to ensure that its object is fulfilled.
2. The Partners will join their efforts, under the lead role of the United States for overall management and coordination, to create an integrated international Space Station. The United States and Russia, drawing on their extensive experience in human space flight, will produce elements which serve as the foundation for the international Space Station. The European Partner and Japan will produce elements that will significantly enhance the Space Station's capabilities. Canada's contribution will be an essential part of the Space Station. This Agreement lists in the Annex the elements to be provided by the Partners to from the international Space Station.
3. The permanently inhabited civil international Space Station (hereinafter "the Space Station") will be a multi-use facility in low-earth orbit, with flight elements and Space Station-unique ground elements provided by all the partners. By providing Space Station flight elements, each Partner acquires certain rights to use the Space Station and participates in its management in accordance with this Agreement, the MOUs, and implementing arrangements.
4. The Space Station shall is conceived as having an evolutionary character. The Partner States' right and obligations regarding evolution shall be subject to specific provisions in accordance with Article 14.
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