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Article 23 Consultations

1. The partners, acting through their Cooperating Agencies, may consult with each other on any matter arising out of Space Station cooperation. The Partners shall exert their best efforts to settle such matters through consultation between or among their Cooperating Agencies in accordance with procedures provided in the MOUs.
2. Any Partner may request that government-level consultations be held with another Partner in any matter arising out of Space Station cooperation. The requested partner shall accede to such request promptly. If the requesting Partner notifies the United States that the subject of such consultations is appropriate for consideration by all the Partners, the United States shall convene multilateral consultations at the earliest practicable time, to which it shall invite all the Partners.
3. Any Partner which intended to proceed with significant flight element design changes which may have an impact on the other Partners shall notify the other partners accordingly at the earliest opportunity. A partner so notified may request that the matter be submitted to consultations in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 above.
4. If an issue not resolved through consultations still needs to be resolved, the concerned Partners may submit that issue to an agreed form of dispute resolution such as conciliation, mediation, or arbitration.

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